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Our Services

We undertake:

1. Feasibility study: At the pre-conceptual stage, we offer our services for the study of viability and feasibility. That includes all the positive and negative points as far as the location of the project is concerned and the projected clientele and the estimated footfall.

2. Project reports: Project reports are prepared in co-ordination with the Chartered Accountant to give a fair view of the monitory aspects.

3. Planning of the Food Outlets: Planning of the food outlets is bifurcated into two categories:-

a) Theme

b) Menu

Theme of the restaurant shall precisely depend on the menu and the cuisine. We help in choosing the regional Menu and Theme and their proper execution and implementation with the help of the interior team which is on our panel. We are experts in planning of High class Food Courts, Sweet shops and Theme based restaurants with diversified menu i.e. Mediterranean, Far-East, European, Ethnic Punjabi, Exotic Sea-Food, Speciality South Indian, etc.

4. Managerial Consultancy: Managerial Consultancy is very important for the beginners. Since they are not well-verged with the Restaurant & Hotel Operations, we offer our help for the smooth functioning for quite a few days after opening. Our team can handle any kind of situation that comes across during the ongoing process.

5. Systems & Procedures and their implementation: Systems and procedures are generally made but due to certain hiccups during Operations they are not implemented properly. Therefore we try to put them into the mainstream.

6. Kitchen Planning: Kitchen Designing is one important aspect of the Facility Planning. Kitchen is the nerve of any project so utmost care is taken as far as work-ability and Space Utilization is concerned. Once the layout is finalized, then we submit the detailed Service Drawings i.e. Electrical, Plumbing, LPG/ CNG/ PNG, Exhaust-Fresh air, etc.

Other areas of Involvement:

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